Hey Realme Users, get ready for the iOS experience on your Realme and ColorOS Devices. Presenting, iOS 13 Theme for Realme and Oppo devices that will change your experience from a Realme user to an iPhone user. So, download iOS 13 theme for Realme and ColorOS based devices and feel the iOS look on your device for free.

iOS 13 Theme for Realme Devices

iOS 13 is the current Operating system of Apple's iPhone devices and also, one of the most popular OS among smartphone users. The iOS 13 offers you a complete premium design, look and functionalities that makes the device itself a premium one. iOS comes with best class icons and wallpapers, it has a completely unique designed UI which makes it different from the other Operating Systems. With this iOS 13 Realme theme, you can have the same premium iOS look on your smartphone. It will change your device wallpapers, icons, settings, control panel and other UI elements to give you the best iOS experience.

If you are eager to try the iOS 13 theme, then just download iOS 13 theme for your Realme and ColorOS based devices and enjoy iOS look and design for absolutely free. iOS 13 Theme is for sure, one of the best Realme theme available for Realme devices.

Preview of iOS 13 Theme

iOS 13 Theme for Realme Devices

iOS 13 Theme for Realme Devices

About iOS 13 Realme Theme -

Theme Name : iOS 13
Credits : Digidoty | YouTube.Com/Digidoty
Compatibility : ColorOS 6, ColorOS 6.0.1
Theme Size : 12.6 MB

Download Link 

Download iOS 13 Theme/download/button

How to install Realme Theme Permanently on your Realme Devices -

This tutorial will help you in installing iOS 13 theme on your devices without any error. So, follow the guide carefully and enjoy the theme on your Realme Devices.
  1. Download the Theme file in your device.
  2. Open your file manager and delete the ColorOS folder.
  3. Now go to home, long press on Theme Store app and select App info.
  4. Force Stop the App and select storage usage and then clean the app data.
  5. Now open file manager and locate the Theme file - iOS 13 Theme by Digidoty.theme
  6. DO NOT EXTRACT THE FILE. It is already a ".theme" file.
  7. Just tap on theme file.
  8. Now tap on Try me button.

The Theme is applied here but it will not remain for a long time. So, follow the below steps to permanently apply this theme - 
  1. Open your file manager and again delete the ColorOS folder.
  2. Open Theme Store app and tap on Agree buttton.
  3. In the search bar, search for a theme - "night under the tree".
  4. Download the first theme appear in the search.
  5. Do not apply the Theme. Just go back to home and restart your device.

Now the theme has been successfully applied. Enjoy the iOS 13 look and feel on your Realme device.


  1. Will emojis also get changed ....insta specially???in iOS types

  2. Replies
    1. It's a ".theme" file. Download it and just tap on the file. It will launch the theme app automatically.

  3. Replies
    1. It's a ".theme" file. Download it and just tap on the file. It will launch the theme app automatically.

  4. Can i delete the theme file?? will the iphone theme not be lost?

    1. Once you have applied the theme, you can delete the theme file.

  5. I can't locate the theme file
    I search in file manger to the file
    But it don't a theme file
    It a folder one contane the files of theme only

    1. Download the file. It's already a .theme file, just tap on it. Do not extract the file.

  6. Will the theme get deleted when i delete the theme file ? Or it will remain permanently ??

    1. Keep the theme file may need in future if the gets revert back.


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