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AOSP is the most loved UI of all time because of its simple and cleaner look. But AOSP is only limited to Pixel and Android One devices. So, is their any other way to use it on Realme and ColorOS devices ? Well yes, presenting the AOSP Theme for Realme UI and ColorOS 7 device users.

AOSP Theme for Realme UI and ColorOS 7 Devices

AOSP Themes are based on complete Stock Android look, that means you can experience and feel Stock Android on any Realme or ColorOS based device just by downloading and applying this amazing pure AOSP theme. This theme offers a completely new user experience offering new pixel device wallpapers, AOSP themed notification panel, stock android settings, message app, stock android like volume panel, cool looking charging animation on lockscreen and new AOSP based Icon pack. This Realme theme is a fully featured Stock Android theme with all the features working perfectly. This AOSP based Realme theme will turn your device into a Pixel device without any efforts.
If you are bored with your regular look of your Realme device and looking for a new Realme Theme or Color OS theme, then you just need this AOSP theme for a refreshing look and making your device look attractive again. You can download AOSP Theme for Realme UI and Color OS 7 Devices here. This is for sure, one of the best Realme theme you might have ever tried.

Preview of AOSP Realme Theme

AOSP Theme for Realme UI and ColorOS 7 Devices

AOSP Theme for Realme UI and ColorOS 7 Devices

About AOSP Theme –

Theme Name : Pixel RemiX v8.0
Author Name : Priyam Kalra | Danish
Compatibility : ColorOS and Realme UI Devices
Theme Size : 32MB

Download Link

How to install Realme Theme Permanently on your Realme Devices –

This tutorial will help you in installing AOSP theme on your devices without any error. So, follow the guide carefully and enjoy the AOSP theme on your Realme Devices.
  1. Download the Theme file in your device.
  2. Open your file manager and delete the ColorOS folder.
  3. Now go to home, long press on Theme Store app and select App info.
  4. Force Stop the App and select storage usage and then clean the app data.
  5. Now open file manager and locate the Theme. Extract the theme zip file.
  6. Open the folder and tap on theme file.
  7. Now tap on Try me button.
The Theme is applied here but it will not remain for a long time. So, follow the below steps to permanently apply this theme –
  1. Open your file manager and again delete the ColorOS folder.
  2. Open Theme Store app and tap on Agree buttton.
  3. In the search bar, search for a theme – “night under the tree”.
  4. Download the first theme appear in the search.
  5. Do not apply the Theme. Just go back to home and restart your device.
Now the theme has been successfully applied. Enjoy the AOSP look and feel on your Realme device.

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