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Who doesn’t love an iPhone look on their Android devices. So, presenting iPhone X theme for all Realme and Oppo devices. Feel the look and beauty of iPhone devices on your smartphones with iOS X Realme Theme. Download iOS Realme theme now and change your regular boring look of your smartphone and give it a new refreshing iOS look.
As the name suggest, it’s an iOS theme that means you will get iOS look with gorgeous looking iOS icons and some other minor changes. The theme copies the original iPhone Xs look to provide the iOS experience to Realme users. You will get different look in notification panel which is not exactly the iOS notification panel type but its much better than that of Stock notification panel. Also, the theme packs with custom iOS music widget and iOS lockscreen that you will find more interesting than other lockscreens. Some more little changes that you are going to see when you will apply this theme on your Realme or Oppo smartphone.

iOS X Realme Theme Preview

iOS X Theme for All Realme Devices

Download Theme –

How to install Realme Theme Permanently on your Realme Devices –

  1. Download the iOS Theme for Realme from download section.
  2. Now, in you Realme phone, tap and hold on Theme Store app and then select App info.
  3. Select the Storage usage option here.
  4. Select Clear data to clear all previous data.
  5. Go back and open your File Manager.
  6. Locate the downloaded Theme – iPhone 11 Pro Max.zip.
  7. Extract the “iPhone 11 Pro Max.zip” file and you will get “iPhone 11 Pro Max.theme” file.
  8. Tap on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.theme file.
  9. Now tap on Try now option and wait till the theme get applied.
  10. Now restart your device once.
After sometime you may get a popup saying buy this theme. You don’t to buy this theme, just tap on Buy now option and then press the home button. From the above method, perform the step no. 2, 3 and 4. Just repeat these 3 steps to clear your Theme Store data and it will fix the Stop trial error.

Now you can enjoy the iOS Theme on your Realme Devices.


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